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The Greatest Lost Songs - Vol. 6
More Lost Songs by Rich and Laura Lynch

What and Where Are the Great Lost Songs??? This question has been nagging at me lately and I've decided to do something about it. You should know I grew up in the 70s and spent my teen years firmly implanted in the musically rich 80s. My afternoons during that decade were spent consuming way too much MTV Music Television in between bouts of radio binging for the hits of the day. What I've come to realize and remember is that there are tons of tunes that we're in danger of forgetting. Some tracks had brief moments in the sun on the tube or in the air and then they were gone. The below seven tracks are examples of the type I'm referring to. There's many more out there and we need your assistance. Please help Kweevak the Alien rediscover the lost songs of his and all of our youth. If you think you have a track that should be posted here send over your suggestions and we'll even credit you when you do! Send all lost track suggestions to us at ---

#1 - Michael Anderson / Sound Alarm

#2 - James McMurtry / Painting By Numbers

#3 - Bruce Cockburn / If I Had A Rocket Launcher

#4 - Donnie Iris / Ah Leah

#5 - Rossington-Collins Band / Don't Misunderstand Me

#6 - David Gilmour / Murder

#7 - Frankie and the Knockouts / Sweetheart

(Originally Published on December 28, 2015)

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