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Kweevak.com is the legendary music promotion portal founded in 1999 by the talented tandem of Rich and Laura Lynch.

Meet the founders - Rich and Laura Lynch.

Rich and Laura have over 40 years combined experience covering sports, music, events and social issues - with many of those spent in the competitive New York/New Jersey market reporting on Broadway, top level concerts, attractions and beyond. Today, they have brought their spirit of excitement and attention to detail to run the SoundPress.net network of sites from their home base in Music City - Nashville, Tennessee.

Richard J. Lynch and Laura Turner Lynch are the founders of KWEEVAK.COM - and several other Internet-based sports, social and music magazines sites - online since 1994.

Laura is a published author of the inspirational
Positive Power Secrets From A to Z

Rich regularly interviews famous rock stars for the site's radio and webcast outlets show and he has recently launched his own recording career at

Together in Music City Nashville the pair regularly cover a wide range of concerts and events in Mid-Tenn in the capacity of respected members of the local media team.

Please get in touch if you need promotion and publicity!

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