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We have served hundreds of emerging artists in our 20 plus years of running a variety of music promotion websites - including We are proud of the service we have offered and our clients love what we do. Here's a sampling of the praise and feedback we regularly receive from our happy customers.

Bob Burger - Kweevak and Rockin' Rich Lynch are the source of info for the worldwide music scene!!! Check it out daily!!!.

Briana Calhoun - Rich and his team do a great job learning the artist and what drives them. His descriptions of my artistry were timely and accurate. I would definitely recommend him if you want exposure.

Catherine Lawson & James Kennedy - Thank you Kweevak for out-of-this-world promotion!

Charlie Souza - Kweevak always proves to be on the cutting edge of content in entertainment and definitely gets my stamp of approval.

Jim Pepe - When I first started my original music journey, Rich and Kweevak were a tremendous and generous asset in showing some love early and often.

Joe Colledge - Kweevak is a fantastic musician community and Rich does a great job of getting the word out on important and upcoming artists and bands out there.

John Sheehan - Kweevak Promotion has embraced the wide Community of indie Musicians not only from the New Jersey/ New York area and Nashville but worldwide. A true source to find Gems that may be otherwise lost in obscurity.

Justin Fancy - I am new to the country music scene, and Rich has welcomed my material. He is very passionate about original music, and is willing to go above and beyond to have your music heard. I highly recommend Kweevak for all your promotional needs.

Kirk McFee - Kweevak has been supporting my music for 20+ years with well-written press releases and other exposure. Thank you for all you do SoundPress!

Michael Strollo - I'm proud to have Kweevak as one of my promotion tools, and to this day Rich is still just as passionate about original music and loyal to the artists that create it.

Terry Daun - In the five years that I've been involved with Kweevak and Rockin' Rich Lynch, I have continually been impressed with the professionalism, style, and approach of

Todd Barrow - I'm so thankful for Rich and and his Kweevak cohorts. It is nice to work with professionals who know the music business. Give them a try I promise you won't be disappointed!!!

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