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BANDS & ARTISTS TO WATCH!!! Kweevak has scoured the deepest and darkest corners of the Universe with his large probing eyes to keep a lookout for the best new music he can find. According to our great, enigmatic and legendary seer - these acts are truly out of this world!

Matt Langlois - We knew our good friend and leader of The Welcome Matt long before the world got weird. Check out his new "TheNewWeirdWorld" which is frankly a song we wish he didn't have to write. Still, he finds a way to make the pandemic seem welcoming, tasty and meaningful.

Jack Mosley - How could we not like "When the Aliens Came" by this fine Florida songwriter who provides the Jimmy Muffett meets Steven Spielberg cinematic escape to the islands powered by weed and a beamship!

Mustasch - One of Sweden's biggest hard rock bands of all time kill it on their latest single "You Are Killing Me". At the very least it will grow on you!

Glitchers - A dangerously good punk screemo band from the U.K. are making music to make you think on their upcoming Thought Crimes EP!

Kate Koenig - Award winning experimental folk artist!

The L.A. Maybe - Maybe, just maybe, real rock music may have been saved by this fearsome five piece.

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