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Kweevak's Picks - January 2021

Please check out the latest top music picks from radio host and musician - Rockin' Rich Lynch!

Bri Bagwell - Singer-songwriter Bri Bagwell makes a stunning Country Radio debut with "As Soon As You" that has the attractive and talented Texas beauty being hailed as the future of country music - and you'll get no argument from me. There's no doubt that this three minute and thirty five second gloriously produced effort about walking down the aisle has her strolling towards a hit. How do we know? Well, with her expressive and moving vocal delivery and captivating performance, it's in the bag!
David Starr - Colorado's David Starr released one of the most remarkable platters in the last year called "Beauty & Ruin". The John Oates produced project was truly a modern beauty but touring plans and promotion for the record were ruined by the onslaught of Covid-19. Rather than release a new full length this year the American superstar has decided to put out a series of singles featuring covers that have inspired him over the years or brought back fond memories or a kind of familiar melancholy. The first two release of the upcoming 12-song project called "Touchstones" are on the mark and serve both the listener and the artist well. He keeps his chops up while getting our hopes up for brighter days ahead. Fingers crossed.
Derek Norsworthy - This performer calls himself a new age artist influenced by the likes of Country, Rock-N-Roll, Pop, Motown and Blues. Now, on a path to create a new hybrid sound in music he offers up an insightful and endearing song that sticks pretty close to the modern CMA formula for success. Heavy horns and rockin' riffs support astute hard hitting lyrical truths and observational humor on the human condition that is guaranteed to keep the "Neighbors Talkin'" all night long!"
JUSKY - Brazil's mysterious JUSKY would "Rather Be Alone" than contemplate a life of incompleteness. His modern energetic dance track of the same name conveys that plaintive and pleading mood perfectly through a melodic and uplifting beat. So much so that you will want to spend some time spinning this one over and over again.
Mark Winters - The new track "Leaning" from Mark Winters Music has me leaning in the direction of liking it! Positive, upbeat with a crisp and clean guitar under-girding -- it will get you moving one way or the other!
Melissa Erin - This fabulous folk songstress made the move from NYC to Music City and immediately got to work assembling a quality team to prepare her first three singles. One of them is "Golden" and with one press of play it becomes readily apparent that there is something of extreme value here. With crystal clear production, pure picking and intense emotion evoking the likes of previous folk icons it's clear she has found a home in Mid-Tenn. As Nash continues to become a broadening musical melting pot during the post pandemic exodus Melissa Erin reigns for now as the queen of her genre.
Sour Ops - And now straight outta Nashville comes the sweet sounding intelligent power pop of Sour Ops. On their latest "I Want You Around" the talented trio led by guitarist, songwriter and singer Price Harrison transcend expectations as they expertly bridge the gap between punk, alternative, americana and country. So much so that we want to be around to see what they do next.
Sun King Rising - A stellar debut from Sun King Rising that finds this exceptional unit shining on 10 delicious tracks. The tasty gumbo cooked up on "Delta Tales" contains chief ingredients of blues, country and classic rock spiced up with horns and a hint of prog. Our favorite? Track 9, "Drive Me to Nashville" that mirrored my own October morning journey to Music City to reinvent myself.
Terry Draper - He was one of the guiding occupants of one of rock's most mysterious and misunderstood vehicles - KLAATU. Now, musician Terry Draper is ready to be found once again as he returns with LOST - a record that awaits your discovery as it overflows with more of that fabulously far-out British and Alien Invasion inspiration that landed him in our hearts in the first place.
The Cravens - This hard-working core of classic rock veterans from Florida return with their only single in 2020 as they summon the courage to take a socially conscious stand with the "Distance Of One". True to the theme suggested in the title the boys entered the studio one at a time to lay down tracks for a lush and sonically pleasing take that documents a time in our lives that we would all just as soon forget. At least they got a memorable song that should serve to draw their fans closer to them. Well, not that close!
The Immaculate Beings - Finally comes a band we can truly embrace. This large seven piece from Minneapolis, MN strike us as the real deal with everything we love in music - including meaningful, soul-stirring songs and hints of all the greats ranging from the Beatles to Morrissey found within the depths of their perfectly packaged container.
The Patients - a progressive punk rock band from Los Angeles, California - sent us a glorious slab of vinyl that served as their sonic calling card in the form of a 10-track debut record. Spanning a variety of styles within the genre including thrash and the commercially appealing side two opener "Ten" that nods nicely in the direction of Dave Grohl's best work it seems The Patients just might have found the cure to the maddening malaise currently infecting the planet - and that's a needle in the groove. You know where to stick the vaccine.

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