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Kweevak's Picks - February 2021

Please check out the latest top music picks from radio host and musician - Rockin' Rich Lynch!

Deva St. John - Here we have an act that is most definitely configured to bridge the gap between British and American music as she was born in London to U.S.A. nationals. Thus, it's no surprise that classic grunge, psychedelic rock, blues and soul all find their way into her extremely enticing and eclectic offerings. Deva is recognized as a peerless vocalist and authentic lyricist and her latest track "Reckless" reveals those qualities with reckless abandon - throwing caution to the wind - as she expands her musical empire with a royal export of rock n' roll - in its purest form.
Dylan Brierley - From across the pond comes a Leeds-based singer/songwriter who is currently diving in to digital distribution with an upcoming scheduled release of 6 new singles. The first is "Not Alone" that really strikes a chord in this disturbing day and age. Dylan adds that he "wrote this because I think it could help a lot of people". He's not alone in that thought!
Elson Complex - This accomplished artist and a fingerstyle nylon-string guitarist is on a mission to melt the boundaries between Spanish guitar and Classical, Folk, Rock & Blues music. He succeeds with his latest timely personal track called "Time To Go" an instrumental with a ragtime sort of vibe.
Final Fiasco - Finally comes an alluring an alternative electropop musical duo emerging from the center of Transsylvania with a tasty musical offering that YOU can sink YOUR teeth into. Seriously, though. Their latest single "Hearts On Fire" is the type of genre fusing pop that really gets our heart pumping and blood flowing with an injection of audio adrenaline. This one leaves us thirsty for more.
Jaxony Reign - Canada's Jaxony Reign is a self-described "Eclectic Blonde" who writes and performs fun songs, sad songs and songs that have attitude. Her latest "Capital T" has traces of doo wop and Motown embedded into her tale of tainted love. With a catchy verse and infectious ear-worm chorus this one is Tasty and Terrific!
Kate Koenig is an artist who describes herself as a very hungry experimental-folk caterpillar who eats Fleet Foxes' progressivism, Kate Bush's iconoclasticism, Jeff Buckley's zeal, and Leonard Cohen's disenchantment. Her latest single "Fell To Stone" is a marvelous metamorphosis of styles that features vox, trumpet, a nasal-y analog synth, and Middle Eastern percussion which stands as a testament to the beauty and miracle of music.
Katrina Burgoyne - Hey Y'all I'm in love with this Australian knockout - who like me - moved to "Tennessee" and who has just released a new song of the same name. Sure, she traveled a lot further to get here but she's also taken her aspirations a lot farther along on the strength of this beautiful track that draws you in and keeps the dream alive for herself and that poor Joey she left pining away for her down under.
Kev Gray & The Gravy Train - This alternative pop rock band formed in Tokyo in November 2008, with members from America, Canada, England and Japan. For "2020 Love Song" they attacked the desperation and longing arising from the ongoing worldwide lockdown by working within the parameters of the pandemic to actually do something about it. Their message is a simple one of "don't give up" but that took a complicated set of logistics to make happen. The duet between Kev Gray from Tokyo and sweet-voiced Londoner Elise Palmer is backed by other musicians are from South Africa, Ukraine, Israel, Germany and Spain who recorded globally via the internet. For many, 2020 will forever be a year to hate. But, "2020 Love Song" from this collective of acoustic lounge, folk gospel creators might give you a reason to at least forgive, forget and move on to hopefully better times ahead.
Marcus Cardello - There's always the danger that when you name your song after a notorious monster that the resulting production will be a horror show. In fact, this cinematic electro dance pop track about confusion, regret, and longing for someone you've loved is a vulnerable and beautiful creation. The only problem is its length at two minutes and nineteen seconds. Why? Because, just as the song really gets going and grooving to the point of giving you an honest to goodness jolt of life affirming energy - it's over. Guess we'll have to wait for the sequel.
Muck and the Mires - If these strange times have you down in the dumps and stuck in the muck, well, there is one old school style band ready to help pull you out of any mire or malaise you might find yourself in. On "Strange Waves" - the second single from Greetings from Muckingham Palace by Muck and the Mires - it's easy to see why this quality quartet were crowned #1 Garage Rock Band by LITTLE STEVEN Van Zandt on MTV. With an authentic rock presentation that is rooted in the 60's and would sound right at home in the later New Wave era get ready to be mucking excited about music again. I know we are.
The L.A. Maybe - The L.A. Maybe is an electrifying 6-piece that just may be the answered prayer for fans of hard driving music everywhere. Because, if rock was dead it is now resurrected by the Carolinians who just might be California dreaming if their name is to be taken literally. On the debut single "Mr. Danger" immediate comparisons to AC/DC and Guns N' Roses come to mind and that's a good thing. It means they're damn good and dynamite. Follow along as lead vocalist Alvi Robinson (who was one of only four singers to audition to replace Brian Johnson in AC/DC in 2016) lays down gritty, passionate vocals while the rest of the band back him up with slithering riffs, huge catchy hooks, and ripping guitar solos. You say maybe, we say definitely.

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