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Kweevak's Picks - March 2021

Please check out the latest top music picks from radio host and musician - Rockin' Rich Lynch!

babyflow - In many ways Oblivious is a record we wish hadn't needed to be made. To that end the challenging collective released only 250 copies of this part Covid concept album / part cure for the Trump Hangover on limited edition vinyl. With recording started in the Fall of 2019 it's fair to say that they didn't set out to make a statement on the pandemic. But with songs like "Karen For Hire", "Covid Beach" and "Invisible Mask" it's clear that the Corona virus ultimately infected the artistic direction of the project. With SEVEN new songs and SIX new commercials the surprising debut release for babyflow includes Blake Rogers' towering instrumentals WILLIAM BURNS and SUBSTITUTE FOR SCIENCE, musical and vocal contributions from the Liller brothers, Aaron and Sean, local trumpeter Bryson Bush and Pinnacle guitar slinger Pierce Miller. Get a dose of "Greaser" and "Wrong" to be introduced to all that is right with babyflow.
Casilian - So, this group just sent us their latest single called "If We Could" and we can report that they sure can. Built on a lone female voice bolstered by subtle beats before being joined by a two-part, then three part male vocal accompaniment. This fusion of folk, rock and electronica is triumphant and served to almost move this cold-hearted reviewer to tears as the plaintive exploration stirred something deep inside of me. In summary, they could so you should check out this trio on the rise as they remove the blindfolds of love to reveal one of the deepest tracks we've heard in some time!
Clayton Saunders - This singer-songwriter from "down under" looks to be the next artist heading on up to greater things in Music City. The solemn song "Life Hurts Without Her" about the untimely loss of a spouse is sweetened by that Nashville sound, the cry of a steel guitar and a fried chicken reference that all reveal Saunders to be just as tasty as Sanders. So dig in. It hurts. But, it's good.
Dan Lynch - My father's name was Dan Lynch. Many religious types refer to God as their father. My friends might know me as one who once worshipped his stereo. So, it makes sense that I would jump at the chance to take a listen to "Stereo Is God" from this awesome Australian musician. This one jumps out of the speakers with an anthemic 80's vibe and an electronically enhanced groove that just won't quit. The truth is it's packed with all the tenets that made me follow the path of music in the first place. We anxiously await his next revealing.
Frozen Arch - We have to admit that we're "Hypnotized" by this one-man band founded by the French singer and multi-instrumentalist Loc Malassagne (Invading Chapel, Hot Hell RooM). Like a breath of fresh, cold air this one has left us stunned and frozen in our tracks. What's surprising is that this take on progressive heavy metal is singularly good and determined. The recipe is working - and by doing it all himself - the extra cooks aren't ruining the broth. But, he'll probably have to thaw out the band to take this show on the road eventually.
Mike Hebert - Born and raised in Iota, a small town in South Louisiana, Mike Hebert learned to sing and play guitar around the age of twelve. Most of his young adult life was spent in blue collar jobs as he developed a love for outlaw country and a passion for songwriting. With a move to Nashville all the pieces came together for him to get "mooving" with his own music with "Moonshine Milcows". The title track is a hilarious recollection on the days of his youth that tells a tall tale of high-proof bovine. "Another Whiskey Night" goes down easy with a steady rock beat, harp and fiddle shaken together to deliver a satisfying shot of vintage country rock. "Side Roads" is a nice diversion from the hustle and bustle of the big city blues that tells the story of Hebert's ongoing and unfolding journey with fabulous support on backing vocals. On Moonshine Milcows the talented Hebert and his production team squeeze out an intoxicating debut offering that contains more than one iota of truth about life and love on seven refreshing tracks!
Steelyard - This Dutch duo comprised of Frank Leemhuis and Wouter van der Veen are building something big on a strong foundation of songs like their latest, "Don't Let Go". They took a typical synth wave vibe and merged that together with modern, even urban influences. The result is a positive love song that stands proudly as a shining singular piece of pure pop perfection. You're going to want to hold on to this one!
Sour Ops - If you need proof that Nashville has more going on than just country music then the latest single from this power-pop leaning power trio is sweet vindication of that fact. "There She Goes" is a confident strut that combines a fierce fuzz, a determined drive and a sultry stroll that will take you where you need to go. Singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer Price Harrison & Co. have delivered the goods once again making their forthcoming full-length X one of Music City's most anticipated releases of the year - especially for fans of modern rock with a vintage vibe.
The Silver Devils - From San Diego, California and just outside the gates of Hell comes an unholy alliance of Demetrio Donzelli, Ben Engel, William Webb and Greg Bjurman who have conjured up a new sound formulated from old time rock & roll and new time punk. To that end they have concocted the alluring "Love Potion No. 10" that is full of passion, pageantry and a unique formula that is sure to draw in legions of listeners who come under their spell.
Tiffany Johnson - This pretty Rapid City, South Dakota singer-songwriter is on the rise with a mission and a roadmap to success that runs through Nashville. With her songs comprising a mix of country and pop with honest lyrics and unique melodies comparisons to some of Music City's other leading ladies are inevitable. But, on her latest single "Mean It" you can see she is mining her own path to achievement with an edge as she's not afraid to stand up for herself as a bold and chastising chanteuse. Want more proof of her determination to carve out her presence as ably and gutsy as Gutzon Borglum? Tiffany released four singles in 2019 and another five in 2020. She's chiseling away with monumental resolve. Teen angst never looked or sounded so good and I mean it.

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