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The Beatles: Love

In 2006, the show Love opened to acclaim at the Mirage in Las Vegas. The project was a creative collaboration with Cirque de Soleil and Beatles producer George Martin and his son Giles. The end result was an one and half hour spectacle of the sights and sounds of The Beatles.

In order to craft the unique musical montages, George and Giles returned to the Beatles' master recordings to assemble the soundscape for the show. The live performance and related album won two Grammy's in 2008. In February of 2011, Love was released on iTunes generating additional interest in the magical melds.

For new fans, Love is a broad overview of the classic catalogue. For long time listeners it is a scavenger hunt to find snippets of different songs mixed into the main body of another. The CD opens with "Because" flowing into a number of distinctive drum patterns before heading into "Get Back". A layer of orchestration reveals "Glass Onion" pealing into pieces including the horns from "Penny Lane".

This is the first of many mesmerizing mixes. Other highlights include "I Am The Walrus" with some subtle changes, "Gnik Nus" - "Sun King" recorded in reverse, "Octopus's Garden" with an undercurrent of sounds from "Yellow Submarine" and an acoustic version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" with strings.

The CD appropriately closes with the anthem "All You Need Is Love" and "Good Night". Love in album or digital format is a fresh approach to familiar songs that continue to stand the test of time and the show is still a popular attraction at the Mirage.

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