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The L.A. Maybe: Damn Dirty Tricks

Some people like to make lemonade from lemons - and that's a pretty sweet trick. The L.A. Maybe is a 6-piece outfit hailing from Carolina country and they truly embody the spirit of rock 'n' roll resiliency. If there is one bright spot during this dark period for the Earth their powerful debut called Damn Dirty Tricks could be it. When everyone wants to turn back the clock to happier and more free times the fresh grooves and crushing tones emanating from the album's ten tracks recall the glory days when GnR, Van Halen and AC/DC ruled the airwaves.

In fact, lead vocalist Alvi Robinson was one of only four singers to audition to replace Brian Johnson in AC/DC in 2016. He took that experience as a reason and sign to rededicate his life to musical pursuits and we are all better off for that decision. His gritty and passionate vocals are the perfect counter to the slithering riffs, huge catchy hooks, and ripping guitar solos that pepper their precocious platter early and often. The first single and album opener "Mr. Danger" is more delightful than dangerous as it takes the listener all the way back to Back in Black. "Oh Sugar" reveals a slightly more melodic side from the sexy sextet with ear candy confections that are sure to appeal to the masses. "She's Reckless" leans more in the direction of Axl and Slash while "Peace of Mind" reveals that there is substantial depth below the surface making The L.A. Maybe one to watch as far as progression and growth is concerned moving forward.

For now, they've managed a damn good trick by merging the familiar with the modern to emerge as a viable entity in the marketplace. When this much-anticipated debut finally drops on March 26, 2021 it is guaranteed to be infectious complete with an injection of integrity and intensity that will help The L.A. Maybe lead the pack in the post pandemic pandemonium and rush back to normalcy. There's no ifs, ands or buts about this band. They are surely a definite Maybe!

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